THANK YOU from May 22 fun-d-raiser “birthday girl”

Friday night’s fun-d-raiser for Casa Baltimore/Limay was fabulous!  What a thrill it was to see one another, in some cases after years of separation, across Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, and many of the US states — all on the same screen.  Very special thanks to Friends of Latin America (FOLA) for co-sponsoring the event, and to Jill Clark-Gollub, the amazing bilingual MC and interpreter, and to Leslie Salgado, the wonderful co-host.  Lots of gratitude also goes to the entertainers and “roasters and toasters” and behind-the-scenes workers (more mention of you all is coming further below).

We are all on a “learning curve” with Zoom, and a few glitches happened.  How marvelous that the evening’s glow persisted in spite of these — because the important thing was that we were together.  So the lights went out in Limay a couple of times during the storm, and we had to reconnect?  Small stuff.

Let me express delighted thanks to all the entertainers:  Glenn Schwartz and Van Dixon, for the rendition of “With a Little Help from my Friends”; to all the people in Limay for the typical Nicaraguan dances and songs, and for their moving statements of love and solidarity; to Leonardo Silva for organizing the Limay event aspects; and to Paul Baker and Nan McCurdy for joining me in singing “Ay Nicaragua.”
The “roasters and toasters” were also entertaining and (thank goodness) not very embarrassing.  Thank you, one and all:  Dave Bauer, Kostis Papadantonakis, Charles Petersen, Maia Meeron….Please forgive (and correct) me if I have left out anyone here.
Lots of special recognition goes to Carol Berman, another “birthday girl,” for hosting the Zoom account, spotlighting people at all the right moments, and otherwise moving us along in ways that made this party possible.  And thank you, Marilyn Carlisle, the third “Golden Girl,” for your presence, and everything you do and have done for many years, interpreting and keeping us connected to our beloved Limay friends.
The entire party, which for some of us went on until almost midnight on the US East Coast (!), was recorded for posterity.  I don’t know how soon we can make it available in smaller “chunks,” but we’ll work on it. 
Thank you all for your faithful support of our projects carried out in Limay.

In gratitude,
Barbara Larcom, Baltimore Coordinator, Casa Baltimore/Limay

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