Sabra with Kids In 1999, Bob And Sabra Reuter traveled to Nicaragua as part of their honeymoon. They rented a big truck at the airport and toured parts of the country before traveling to San Juan de Limay.Tranquilino They met Tranquilino, one of the leaders of the Casa Baltimore/Limay group in Limay, shown in the picture on the left. They also met Leonides, the treasurer of the Limay group. The picture below shows Sabra giving Leonides a message from the people of Baltimore .

Their visit came only a little while after the devastating floods of Hurricaine Mitch. Limay was recovering from the effects of the Hurricaine when much of Limay had been underwater, hundreds of homes were lost, and many people in the village were killed by the flooding waters.Leonides Since San Juan de Limay sits in a broad valley at the convergence of two rivers, the lower areas are susceptible to flooding. Here are two pictures taken by Bob of the effects of the flooding river on the bridges that connect the village to Esteli, the nearest large town.BridgeRiver