San Juan de Limay is fortunate to have a new hospital that replaces the old health center. This hospital occupies a location just above the central town. The new buildings, the ambulance and the expanded services are all a boon to the villages in the area. Still, the hospital operates on a shoe-string budgetThe Hospitalwithout sufficient medicine, medical supplies and equipment to serve the needs of the people. There remain problems with the construction of the building that limit its use for performing operations. Until that is solved, people from the area will still have to make the arduous trip to Esteli, 60 kilometers away across the mountains, to get advanced medical treatment. And although there is a modern ambulance that has been donated to the hospital, at times there is not sufficient money to buy gasoline for it. Vitamins for the children, anti-biotics, dental care equipment and other supplies are all needed by the hospital.