Housing is an important need for the people of San Juan de Limay and surrounding villages. The cost of a newly constructed brick house and outhouse like the one pictured in the middle picture at the left, is about $1800. Many families in San Juan de Limay are living in conditions that are unhealty and unsafe. Providing decent houses for them has been a priority of Casa Baltimore/Limay since the beginning of the organization.

We are happy to report that in October of 2005, 6 additional houses have been funded through the generous donation of a parishioner at St. John Vianney Parish in Prince Frederick, Maryland.
Housing Statistics and Conditions for San Juan de Limay Taken from the Municipal Census of 2003 Según censo de la Alcaldía realizada en el año 2,004 existen 3,275 viviendas, para un promedio de 8 hab/ viviendas. Municipal Aproximadamente el 40.75% (1,334) de las viviendas están ubicadas en sector urbano y el 59.25% (1,941) en zona rural. Viviendas en buen estado : 792 Viviendas en regular estado : 650 Viviendas en mal estado : 496 From a Report by the Mayor’s Office on Housing Needs
In our municipality, the rural and urban population face great difficulties in housing. Many lack a house that allows them to protect themselves from the inclemency of the weather. Over the past years there has been an increase in the diseases in our population because of the effects of poor housing. Our Municipal government does not have the resources to face this situation nor can we count on the help of any single organization to face the problem. We want to build 50 rural and urban houses that will be for families who live in extreme poverty and who, because they do not currently have the resources, they cannot help themselves. At this moment they are living in shacks that are no more than temporary structures without ceilings and with floors of dirt. This is the reason why they are constantly feeling the effects of weather and attacks of diarrhea and endemic diseases.