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The history of Casa Baltimore/Limay has been a journey of love, begun in 1985 and continuing to the present day. Phil and Nan McCurdy Mitchell, in conjunction with supportive individuals and various faith congregations in Baltimore, were the co-founders. They sold all their possessions to initiate the funding and moved to San Juan de Limay. According to a document written by the Limay committee (translated from the Spanish): “These [our brother and sister] moved us ever since then, because they were able to leave behind their comforts, their family, the life they had known, and change it for sad, poor surroundings, abundant in suffering because of the war of aggression which our country was suffering, where we were burying our combatants daily.” Casa Baltimore in Limay

Nan and Phil moved on in 1988 (and Phil died in 1991), but others in the U.S. have continued the work in close cooperation with our Limay counterparts. The Baltimore committee raises funds and educates Baltimore’s general public about Nicaragua. The counterpart Limay committee recommends community projects for funding and administers the projects. The two committees consult regularly with one another and make the final decisions together about which projects we believe should move forward.

The photo above shows Casa Baltimore, the house that Phil and Nan purchased in Limay. It is still used by delegations when they visit Limay.