Good news, just in time for this holiday season!  When I last wrote you in August, Limay was in crisis – and so was much of the country.  I pleaded for your help, and you came through.  Thank you.

Because of caring and generous donors like you, 31 of our scholarship students returned to their classes in September, after the violent unrest and roadblocks ended.  Also, the monthly food packets of basic food staples for 200 elderly and disabled people could be distributed once again.

Now I ask for your support to allow our projects of love and friendship to continue in 2019.  You are a crucial partner in this endeavor!  Here are some ways you can make a difference in Limay:

  • A monthly food packet of beans, rice, and other essential foods for an elderly person. Cost: about $100/year or $9/month
  • A partial college scholarship. Cost: average $180/year or $15/month
  • Poultry to provide vital protein via hens’ eggs. Offspring chicks are passed to other families. Fencing and a chicken coop are $180 per family, or a pledge of $15/month.
  • A medical fund for travel to other towns for treatments, and for prescriptions not carried in the clinic. Cost: $5-10 per prescription
  • A preschool nutrition and education centerfor about 55 children.  Our share of the center’s budget:  about $95/year or $8/month per child
  • The Phil Mitchell revolving loan fund, which provides microcredit for small businesses and housing repair at the lowest interest rates in the Limay area. Any donation amount increases the fund capital.

Thank you for your faithful support!  Please give now so we can plan carefully for our 2019 projects.  Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

You can also give your “spare change,” rounding up to the next dollar, on your credit card purchases.  Sign up at   Note: Does not apply to Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union.


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