December 13, 2017

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Use Paypal or a credit card.

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Casa Baltimore/Limay uses Paypal and Givlet as convenient ways for our supporters to donate to projects in San Juan de Limay. Please click either button, and then you will be presented with a box where you can indicate how you would like your donation to be used.  Don’t have a PayPal account?  No worries!  PayPal will process your credit or debit card.

All donations to Casa Baltimore/Limay are tax-deductible. Some of the projects that you can support through your generosity are food securityeducational developmenthealth – and economic sustainability:

♥       Monthly packets of food staples to 200 elderly and disabled people with no family support or pension.  Your donation of $85 will buy a year’s worth of packets for one person; $7 will pay for one packet.

♥       The Phil Mitchell revolving loan fund, which provides microcredit for small businesses and housing repair at the lowest interest rates in the Limay area.  Your gift of any size promotes Limay’s development.

♥       Scholarships for young people to attend technical school or university.  They receive an average of $150 per year for a partial scholarship, or $12.50 per month.  A full scholarship is $300 per year.

♥       Milk cows, chickens and beehives for poor families, with the animal offspring and new hives passed along to others.  Poultry is especially valuable:  eggs augment a family’s diet with vital protein.  Five hens and a rooster for a family cost about $100.  Fencing and a chicken coop for these birds will cost $180, or a pledge of $15/month.

♥       CENIC, a preschool nutrition and education center for about 55 children at risk of malnutrition and stunted development.  Our share of the CENIC budget is about $85 per child for a year, or $7 a month.

♥       A medical fund which pays for travel to other towns for treatments, as well as prescriptions for medicines not carried in the government health clinic. $125 pays for one month of our total medical budget.

You can see that these projects are vital to well-being, and sometimes survival, of people in this municipality we have grown to love over 30 years.